The Caverns of Confusion

You proceed through a dark maze, with many twists and dead-ends. You emerge from the maze only to be confronted by a narrow crawlway down the middle of a rotating tube (the "Nauseator".) After a quick but unsettling crawl through the tube, you emerge in a room full of dancing flames. The only exit appears to be down a very narrow hallway to the left.

The hallway seems to be lined in some resilient material. As you reach the end, you realize you're in a dead-end. As you come to this conclusion, though, the walls of the hallway close in upon you, holding you firmly in place. The room then flips on its side, the walls release, and you are dumped out of what was the top of the room onto a bench. You look up ... and you're in the chamber of the Master of the Inferno.

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