Construction In The Back Yard

Major projects in the back included converting the observation deck to Imhotep's lair, building the graveyard, and constructing the Well of Souls demon flyway. This photo shows an early stage of construction, with tarps over the pool area and the two-story demon chamber; partial framing of the clock tower can be seen. The Caverns of Confusion are destined to appear by the tree on the left, and the slide resided by the stairway.

The graveyard required the construction or refurbishment of a dozen or so headstones, as well as the construction of a raised grave. This photo shows painting going on in the front yard paint area.

Imhotep's lair was originally an observation platform looking out over the Austin hills. Brush was cut and arranged to hide the platform.

Imhotep himself was a combination of prosthetic artistry and animatronic wizardry.

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