Construction In Minos' Court

The Court of Minos was built on a volleyball court adjacent to the moat (the River Styx). This photo shows the reused parts of the 1994 KHFI Raft Race. which involved a castle raft (unfolded and used for the castle walls) and a dragon raft (whose head, arms, and tail were used for Charon's boat.) The remains of the dragon raft are visible on the right. The white building in the middle is an operational carousel that was not used in Britannia Manor.

The landing before the castle walls was a hand-painted flat (2x4's and plywood.)

Minos' throne was a plywood and 2x4 frame covered with lots of hand-carved styrofoam. It was sealed to protect it from the elements. Three times. It kept raining just after we finished, washing the sealing compound away. The original intent was to paint the thing, but we ran out of time. It worked pretty well anyway.

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