The Flying Demons

As you decamp from the Wild Ride cart, you hear someone calling to you from the darkened hallway. It's one of Lord British's servant's! Or is it? It's so dark, you can't even tell where the walls are. Given no choice, you follow the voice down the hall, around a corner, and towards a low, dimly lit opening. Your guide (for now you see it is indeed a servant) tells you that he has been trapped here, too afraid to proceed alone. As you enter a low crawlspace, you can see why. The ground is littered with chewed remains, along with one piteous soul still more-or-less intact. As you try to help him, flying demons attack from above! Your guide directs you to a spiral staircase out of this deathtrap. As you climb, you are poked, prodded, grabbed, and harassed by strange demonic forms, seemingly unrestrained by gravity. You escape by the stairs to a higher area.

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