The Gorgon

As you sneak down the hall from the Attic, you pass by some glass windows. Suddenly, an horrific visage presses against the glass! Your guide points out that the glass prevents this foul creature from assaulting you. You move down the hall, and are surprised to fint that the last window is open, allowing the creature to attack! You hurry away, down the hall.

You approach an archway covered by a curtain. You shoulder aside the curtain to discover the most awful creature yet seen. It is a beautiful woman with a snake's tail, a Gorgon right out of the storybooks. The floor is covered with snakes, and several statues scattered about bear mute testimony to the evil Gorgon's powers. You contemplate attacking the creature, but are dissuaded by the presence of two blindfolded guards.

The Gorgon offers to supply that which you seek, and holds forth a jewel. Your guide shields his eyes and cowers as the Gorgon calls you forward. He presses the small mirror he got from the madwoman into your hand, saying "Take this, but don't let her see it. It may help you." The Gorgon demands that you look into her eyes as you take the gem. As you look into her eyes and are not turned to stone, she becomes angered and calls upon her guards to kill you. You flee, led by your fleet guide.

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