The Kid's Room

You crawl through a twisty tunnel, to exit into a brightly lit, cheery room. There seem to be some harmless children there, singing songs. To your alarm, however, one of your friends is not with you! You spot him inside a cage nearby. You also notice that these children bear strange wounds, as if each had committed suicide is a different way.

Through a side door, a tall figure appears. He is gruesomely disfigured, but the children greet him warmly. He proceeds to address them.

"Do you know who that is in the cage, kids? That's your father in the cage! Do you remember when you told your father that I was under your bed and he didn't believe you? Remember when you told him I was in the closet and he didn't believe you? Do you know why he didn't believe you? He didn't believe you because he didn't love you! He didn't believe you and he let me inside your brain and he made you kill yourself! What should we do?"

The kids cry out "Kill Daddy!"

The man agrees and throws a large switch. Arcs of lightning cascade over the cage containing your friend. When the lightning stops, your friend is miraculously unharmed. The kids open the cage and herd you out of the window into a short tunnel.

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