Charon's Boat and the River Styx

You crest a small rise, and pause for a short rest. You are confronted with a terrible, eight-foot-tall giant with glowing red eyes! It's Charon, the ferryman on the River Styx. Despite your entreaties, he does not speak, merely holding out his hand for payment. Fortunately, you managed to hold on to some of the gold from the Banshee's Hut. You give it to the ferryman, and he steps aside, revealing a floating dragon-boat on a small river. You board, but the ferryman stops your guide from entering. Apparently. the ferryman has another price in mind for Lord British's servant. The forlorn servant wishes you well as you sail on.

You round a bend and spot a robed figure standing patiently. Perhaps he is here to aid you? No! a jet of water spouts from the figure, dousing all aboard. Recovering from this unexpected hydration, you see a castle looming ahead ...

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