What's New at the Manor

For those who don't sweep all these pages on a regular basis, here's a list of things I've added recently. By the way, if you have any photos of the Manor that I don't, send them to me!

March 1, 1998

After a long hiatus, the site has moved to tierranet.com in the hopes I can attach some video clips to many of the pages.

October 29. 1996

Added some news to the front page. Hey, I made Cool Site of the Hour!

March 15, 1996

Added the What's New section to the main page.
Added a thank you to Saint Tassie in the credits on the main page.
Added a much better photo of the dais area to Constructing the BFR.
Added a darker but less blurry performance photo to Station 10: The Anti-Preacher, as well as fixing a link to the larger version of the photo on the right.
Added a photo of the anti-preacher's mask, and a photo of it being painted, to the Makeup page.
Added a photo montage of the banshee in full regalia (at last! Sorry, Mel) in Station 13: The Banshee's Hut.
Added a close-up photo of the topless Gorgon and her guards in Station 24: The Gorgon.
Added another group photo of Station 19: The Kid's Room. The scan turned out a bit dark, though.
Added a photo illuminating the Gorgon controversy to Fun!.
Added a much, much better photo of the painting above the sarcophagus/stairway in Station 17: The Mausoleum.
Added a photo of a long-time veteran's T-shirt in Construction.
On the general principal that nothing exceeds like excess, I added another photo of the anti-preacher working on Construction On The Clock Tower.
Added two pictures (photo, photo) of the Manor entry under full-blown run-time lighting conditions in Station 3: The Entry.

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